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Refuse Collection Vehicles of standard type (with plates)

Their main characteristics are:

  • Compaction of waste by plates.
  • Body Capacity 6 up to 26 m3, according to selected truck chassis and customer’s specification.
  • High compaction ratio up to 6:1, depending on the type of waste.
  • Hydraulic Container lifting device (bin lifter), suitable for all standard type containers according to EN 840 and DIN 30700, with capacity up to 1300 lt, closed and open system both available.
  • Increased efficiency of hydraulic circuit.
  • High reliability of automation system.
  • Container washing system to ensure total hygiene, with rotating washing head for the internal wash of the container, high pressure water pump and stainless steel water tank (optional).
  • Articulated crane mounted between the driver’s cab and the body or on the body’s roof, for the emptying of special type containers.
  • Loading from smaller, satellite RCVs.
  • Unloading in Waste Transfer Stations or Landfill.
  • CE marking in accordance to EU Directive 2006/42/EC and European Norm ΕΝ 1501-1.
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